I love you. Right now I got weebly on the right side and modernfamily/cougartown/humantarget on the left side with the autosize. So awesome. 

So yesterday I just chilled until 4PM in my bed :D. Then my stupid land lord decided to go visit my grandma, even though nobody was home -_-. So I had to drive over to my grandma's and open the door for her -___-. Chilled there and went to Five Guys with Akash, David, Jessica, Timmy, Darren, Vince, and Alan. Was my first meal of the day! and super good, but I'd rather have had those jarred Jalapenos compared to fresh ones. Went to YogurtLand and then just chilled at Darren's for a bit. Then went to my Grandma's and slept there, but I had no internet :(. I just watched Karate kid and went to sleep. Got some KFC for my grandma. Went home and just chilled, went back to dinner with my grandma and then just went to Kohls with my mom. 

Just enjoying my tv shows now :). Got a busy day tomorrow, gonna go pick up Aimee and get Sendai with Brian, then basketball later. Probably gonna hang out with darren after, he wants to go Corolla meet but he's also getting Wingstop which I want :P.
Today, i woke up, head to TK noodle to grab some food to go and bring it to my family. We ate then I took my brother to the airport. It was scary! I've never driven to the airport before. I was in a rush to get out because I was nervous and went pretty fast over a speed bump :P. I didn't even use the GPS and just winged it, ended up following my light rail all the way back to my school where I chilled for a bit. Came back home, fell asleep and went to my grandma's to have dinner. Then I went to go watch PLL with Stephanie, Nathalyn, and Sophia! WOOHOO. We're gonna do it next monday too, and possibly the next if people aren't back at school yet haha. I love that show! We watched a bit of Craigslist Killer after, and then I had to go home. Not doing much now, Downloading Warcraft for my laptop so I can play DotA :). Then watching No Ordinary Family. 

Things on my to do list - Go back to SJSU and check out some textbooks I'm gonna buy
Lunch with Aimee and Brian at Sendai!
Hopefully go to sports day on Thursday if there is one to .. lose some weight.. ugh.. I hit 200 - someone tell me it's a lot of muscle :'(
Go to De Anza and visit my friends studying hard! :D
Oh myyyyy I had the longest weekend ever. 

Saturday I went to the Tech Museum and also visited the bodies exhibit. It was really interesting! But.. I kinda felt like it was a waste of money since I just saw the bodies exhibit 2 years ago. We ate Johnny rockets for lunch, and I saw a crap load of cute asians hahaha, and... most were over 18? :). Then we went to the earthquake simulator and the worker there was pretty cute :D. and then... we were talking to her, and she was like, well, I'm only in highschool, so that's why I took this job. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

I is a pedo bear :'(.
Just chilled with my brother after that, then at 9 o clock I showed up at Darren's for the sleepover. Got there and all we did was watch tv till 11, when wilson showed up. Then we played cranium, got rocked! to be honest it wasn't as fun as the time we did it in Arnold :(. Maybe too many people and also a lot of talking and getting the girls home in a rush :P. After that game was over we played 2 rounds of 10 fingers which was pretty funny hehe. Then we shared some poo and porn stories, and went on the play Telephone Pictionary, it was hilarious LOL. someone alllways fucks it up in telephone -____-. (darren, wilson) :P. After that people just cooked ramen while I knocked out on the floor.

Woke up around 10 and all of us had to bounce because Darren was heading off to the niners game. Went to Santana Row with cousins and brother to eat at Pizza Antica. It was pretty good! I like Santana Row.. you get to see a lot of older and sophisticated young women :). NO PEDO-KENNY FOR ONCE! After that I just went to Yogurtland where we saw my friend Jessica Suen. Man she's cute and so awesome aha, she even gave us a discount! Out of my league though :). 

December 30 was so long I don't even wanna bother blogging about it! I'm extremely tired though, but I enjoyed most of the clubbing night :). 

All I did today.. wake up at 1. Spent like 2 hours doing nothing with Darren and Vince, we hit up McDonalds then played some Black ops. At 6 went to my grandmas then had Carls Jr. for dinner with my bro. Hella gooooood. Then got back and just did nothing, cousin called at 11 to take us out to quickly, got back to my grandma's in time for the countdown. Then we played the board game "sequence" which is pretty fun haha. My cousin is the master of the game but both my brother and I won.. how sad. And now I'm home woohoo. 

Tomorrow I plan to go out with cousin and brother to the tech museum and visit the bodies exhibit. Even though I already saw it with both of them before :P, but whatever. Then party at Darren's, woohoo, CLUB CRANIUM! :). I'm tired now though, i'm just gonna sleep soon.

Happy new years! Not even sure what I did this past year.. and don't even know what I have planned for next year..