December 30 was so long I don't even wanna bother blogging about it! I'm extremely tired though, but I enjoyed most of the clubbing night :). 

All I did today.. wake up at 1. Spent like 2 hours doing nothing with Darren and Vince, we hit up McDonalds then played some Black ops. At 6 went to my grandmas then had Carls Jr. for dinner with my bro. Hella gooooood. Then got back and just did nothing, cousin called at 11 to take us out to quickly, got back to my grandma's in time for the countdown. Then we played the board game "sequence" which is pretty fun haha. My cousin is the master of the game but both my brother and I won.. how sad. And now I'm home woohoo. 

Tomorrow I plan to go out with cousin and brother to the tech museum and visit the bodies exhibit. Even though I already saw it with both of them before :P, but whatever. Then party at Darren's, woohoo, CLUB CRANIUM! :). I'm tired now though, i'm just gonna sleep soon.

Happy new years! Not even sure what I did this past year.. and don't even know what I have planned for next year..

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