Today, i woke up, head to TK noodle to grab some food to go and bring it to my family. We ate then I took my brother to the airport. It was scary! I've never driven to the airport before. I was in a rush to get out because I was nervous and went pretty fast over a speed bump :P. I didn't even use the GPS and just winged it, ended up following my light rail all the way back to my school where I chilled for a bit. Came back home, fell asleep and went to my grandma's to have dinner. Then I went to go watch PLL with Stephanie, Nathalyn, and Sophia! WOOHOO. We're gonna do it next monday too, and possibly the next if people aren't back at school yet haha. I love that show! We watched a bit of Craigslist Killer after, and then I had to go home. Not doing much now, Downloading Warcraft for my laptop so I can play DotA :). Then watching No Ordinary Family. 

Things on my to do list - Go back to SJSU and check out some textbooks I'm gonna buy
Lunch with Aimee and Brian at Sendai!
Hopefully go to sports day on Thursday if there is one to .. lose some weight.. ugh.. I hit 200 - someone tell me it's a lot of muscle :'(
Go to De Anza and visit my friends studying hard! :D

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