I love you. Right now I got weebly on the right side and modernfamily/cougartown/humantarget on the left side with the autosize. So awesome. 

So yesterday I just chilled until 4PM in my bed :D. Then my stupid land lord decided to go visit my grandma, even though nobody was home -_-. So I had to drive over to my grandma's and open the door for her -___-. Chilled there and went to Five Guys with Akash, David, Jessica, Timmy, Darren, Vince, and Alan. Was my first meal of the day! and super good, but I'd rather have had those jarred Jalapenos compared to fresh ones. Went to YogurtLand and then just chilled at Darren's for a bit. Then went to my Grandma's and slept there, but I had no internet :(. I just watched Karate kid and went to sleep. Got some KFC for my grandma. Went home and just chilled, went back to dinner with my grandma and then just went to Kohls with my mom. 

Just enjoying my tv shows now :). Got a busy day tomorrow, gonna go pick up Aimee and get Sendai with Brian, then basketball later. Probably gonna hang out with darren after, he wants to go Corolla meet but he's also getting Wingstop which I want :P.

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