I've just started blogging again out of boredom because I'm not at my dorm and I have no video games :(. My break so far has been good, it started off with a great vacation with my friends. I got home and have been going out ever since. 

23rd, just chilled with Darren at Target at night while he was drilling thoughts into my head
24th, spent time with my family, then played sports which made me sore still to this day..
Christmas Day... just sat at my grandma's house for 5 hours without internet and took care of her until my family party, which was pretty funny. We were watching youtube on the big screen TV and watched this video, and then realized 2 of our uncles were behind us LOL. 
Then today, woke up and just went to my cousins party at noon.. got home around 11PM. Was really long! ate a lot of food and then watched Unstoppable, Ironman (in Blu-Ray), it looked like a fricken soap opera -___-. The graphics were too real and looked really awkward. Then we watched the Hurt Locker... really not my kind of movie. I didn't like it at all, and can't really understand why it got so many oscar nominees. Maybe it's just my taste in movies..

And tomorrow, I plan to wake up early, fill up on gas, head to my dorm (i miss that place), pick up some clothes then head to great jump. after that ends i'll head home and shower, then head to thai food. 

I also go t pretty busy week ahead of me too! Tuesday nothing much but at night I plan to go smoke eaters with my brother and cousin, then Wednesday I got softball, and then Thursday is the percussion BBQ and also POSSIBLY clubbing...... although i've never been clubbing and I hate to dance. I kinda also feel like going bowling and singing karaoke too...

And i'm an emo child atm :(

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