Another eventful day with my friends. I was planning to go smoke eaters with my cousins but then they had some last minute things to do. Instead I showed up at Alan's house at 5:30, we just watched some football then with Vincent, Darren, and Alex Tu, we headed to Costco. At first it felt a little unorganized and we got there we didn't really know what we wanted... Then finally we just started buying some stuff, got back and there was Wilson, Albert, Arnold, Vienna, and Crystal. Then Darren and I went back to his house to drop stuff off for his mom, came back and started cooking... I knew they wouldn't get much done in those 20 minutes! I got there and started crushing some chips.. then cooking sausages which was really weird. I'm happy they turned out fine though.... Yay I got to cook! even though I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing but things are still turning out fine hehe. We also made some mozarella (spelling..) sticks which surprisingly turned out really good! We also had some good chips and salsa, and some nasty bacon that boiled in it's own fat :P. Grabbed my bun and sausage, bacon, bbq sauce, and a cheese stick. Was really filling! We ended up playing kinect for the rest of the night which was pretty fun. Although Kinect was purposely not letting Vienna and I playing together LOL. jerk! Then around 12:30 we were forced to head out, I was actually thinking about going to quickly's with them if they went to the landess one since I was thirsty and it was right on the way home, but oh well. Got home through the stormy weather. Got on my laptop to realize I left my ipod and headphones in my car :( So no music :'(. Just quickly chatted on AIM and then knocked out.

Woke up today and went to storage with my family (I hate that place... so much crap in there -_-), but I got to dump off some of my dad's stuff from my car so I'm not hauling all his junk anymore which is good. After that we went to the mall to look for some shark's gear for my brother, then we ate 20 nuggets, 10 each, which was really filling! I was hoping to pig out, but I was too full T_T. Then we kept walking around and now we're home. 
Tonight we plan to go St. John's Bar and Grill, if I take a picture on my phone I'll upload our meal hehe. I love that place! They have like a special everyday. Mondays is half off philly cheese steaks, Tuesday is chicken sandwiches, Wednesdays and Saturdays are half off burgers, Thursday is cheap alcohol. And friday is half off appetizers. Amaaaaaaaaazing place in Sunnyvale. Normal burgers are like $9 so we'll only be paying $4.50. Each of us gonna get a burger, then also pig out with a side order of fried zucchinis and also bacon cheese fries omggggg i'm gonna be fat!. It's like a ritual to get those 2 things every time we go hahah. Good thing tomorrow is very eventful so I might burn it all off!

Planning to play softball tomorrow, then that ends around 3 and the Percussion BBQ starts around 2, so I'll shower and head there after, come back around 6 I guess, then get ready to go to Darren's so he can take me to the clubbbbbbb (lol i don't even know if he's driving me yet!) But I already asked him if I could stay the place on Thursday, because we'll probably get home from the club at 3, and that's really disrespectful to my landlord to have to come home at 3 T_T. So yeah I can stay there, then come back. I have no idea what my plans are for the rest of the weekend are though. Too bad all my friends are going back to school

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