Today was quite an eventful day! I loved it compared to sitting on my ass all day. I ran my errands in the morning and then went to meet the guys at mariuchi's. We headed to great jump but I didn't do much but jump and hand springs. We played dodgeball which was pretty fun. I had an intense 1v2 moment, took one person out, dropped down to the floor right away to dodge a ball coming at me, picked one up and took the other guy out haha. after that we just chilled outside and darren and i had a pleasant one hour chat. He gave my christmas present.... -_____-.

After that i came back home and planned a bowling event! i'm surprised it was successful, went to chili's instead of thai because that was closed for the holidays. Got our lanes reserved and waited about an hour and a half and then we bowled with 10 people. it was really fun (even though i did shit). There were 20 minutes before mission lanes was gonna close so we super speed bowled and somehow all of us were getting strikes haha. 

Home now and left them all to eat because i don't want to anger my land lord by coming home late, just listening to this song and it sure is damn beautiful.

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